We at Culpeppers have been taking extra protective measures since COVID first hit. We are concerned for the safety and health of our guests, our staff, and our management.

We take this pandemic very seriously and continue to look for new ways we can keep our Culpeppers family safe and healthy during this time. These are some of the measures we have taken...


Installation of Halo lights - air purification system  that kills airborn bacteria

staff wears masks until both vaccinations 


There are easily-accessible hand sanitization stations located at the host stand, each server station, the carryout station, the bar, and several areas in the kitchen.
Staff sanitizes door handles, computer screens, POS systems, credit card machines, and other frequently handled items at regular interviews throughout each shift.

Our plastic menus are wiped down with sanitizing liquid after each use.
We also have table tents with a scannable QR code so you can view our menu on your phone if you so choose.

We have recently introduced brand new contactless payment technology to our carryout and curbside services!
Requiring no personal contact or receipt signatures, payment can be completed entirely on your phone. We hope to roll out this new tech in the dining room soon as well.
We are doing everything we can to keep our staff and guests safe. 

Whether you choose to dine in with us, purchase gift cards for the holidays, order curbside or carryout, or get food delivered through a third-party app, it is always our pleasure to serve you! ❤️


Thank you,

The Culpeppers Crew